Fees & Insurance

Professional Fees
My fees are based on what is usual and customary for psychologists in San Francisco. Sessions are 50 minutes in length, with longer sessions charged at a prorated fee. I can often offer a sliding scale fee for clients based on need and the availability of reduced-fee time slots in my practice. Payment by check, cash or credit card is due at the beginning of each session.

I am not on any preferred provider panels and do not deal directly with any insurance companies. I will provide you with a monthly, itemized statement suitable for insurance reimbursement.

Why no insurance contracts?
Insurance plans typically ask you to choose from a list of therapists with whom they contract. Often, therapist availability is limited, waiting times to see someone may be lengthy, and many practices are full. Additionally, treatment under an insurance plan is not confidential. If I were on insurance contracts I would be asked to discuss your treatment with insurance workers to obtain authorization to treat you. Health plan employees, rather than you and I, would make decisions about your care, such as the number of sessions.

By not contracting with health plans, I preserve your rights to confidential treatment to the full extent granted by law. No reports are made to your health plan or insurance company. The confidentiality of your treatment remains intact and free of bureaucratic intrusion.

You are certainly free to submit your charges for our sessions to your insurer for reimbursement. Some insurers require that I include a diagnosis of record on the bill. We can discuss how much you wish to share with your health plan.

Helpful Forms

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